Financial Modeling & Analysis

Allow Keystone Real Estate to bring clarity to your real estate decision making.

Arbour Square, 300 apartments, Westminster, CO (investment analysis and 221(d)4 HUD loan)

Many investors and developers prefer to focus on executing their investment strategies and maximizing opportunities rather than building excel and ARGUS models. Clients in these and other situations turn to Keystone Real Estate to build reliable, easy to use financial models- from simple deal screens to detailed models with hundreds of assumption inputs- designed to evaluate new investment opportunities as well as conduct hold/sell and other portfolio analysis.

Well-reasoned and researched assumptions are key to good investment decisions of course, but a well-designed financial model is crucial to solid deal analysis and presentation of your project to investors and lenders. Keystone Real Estate models reduce many complex data points and assumptions into clear and easy to understand dashboards and key return metrics that clients can confidently present to investors, lenders, and stakeholders.

Ryan has years of experience modeling and underwriting commercial real estate transactions, both acquisition and development, across all property types.

Financial modeling consulting services include:

  • Creation of customized commercial real estate pro-formas and financial models to support development, acquisition, or hold/sell and refinance/disposition activities.
  • Creation of ARGUS DCF models to support client acquisition activities
  • Auditing and enhancement of client-built Excel or ARGUS financial models
  • Partnership structuring and profit sharing analysis (preferred return, promote and waterfall, and JV structures)