Investment Underwriting & Analysis

Allow Keystone Real Estate to bring clarity to your real estate decision making.

Granite 550, 228 apartment homes and clubhouse- Casper, Wyoming

Granite 550, 228 apartment homes and clubhouse- Casper, Wyoming

Real estate companies today are lean operations that wisely are not staffed for peak deal-flow. Clients turn to Keystone Real Estate to help them evaluate new investment opportunities by building customized valuation models, conducting market analysis, or deal due-diligence.

Ryan has years of experience modeling and underwriting commercial real estate transactions, both acquisition and development, across all property types.

Investment Underwriting & Analysis consulting services include:

  • Creation of customized commercial real estate pro-formas and financial models to support development, acquisition, or hold/sell and refinance/disposition activities.
  • Creation of ARGUS DCF models to support client acquisition activities
  • Auditing and enhancement of client-built Excel or ARGUS financial models
  • Partnership structuring and profit sharing analysis (preferred return, promote and waterfall, and JV structures)
  • Development transaction financial due diligence and feasibility analysis
  • Detailed market research
  • Lease abstracting
  • Tenant/GC due-diligence and corporate analysis